6 Reasons To Use Valei App

6 Reasons To Use Valei App

1. Hospitality Expertise – Co-founded by a high-end hospitality expert with senior management experience in all areas of high-end private service.

Valei is considered an industry leader in what is already a $600 Billion industry evolving residential services that ensures Valei clients receive 5-Star hospitality services in their homes. More importantly the Valei team goes to great lengths to ensure their service offerings are not only competitively priced but are consistent. This approach to excellence in service is woven into the Valei team’s DNA.


24/7 for real!


2. Award Winning – Valei is an award winning company in the Coachella Valley, winning the 2015 Rancho Mirage Award for Hospitality Management and Marketing.

Valei’s award winning service offerings are the very best and we can prove it. Valei combines experienced, quality service offerings with their innovative app technology. This combination stands head and shoulders above other service providers here in the Coachella Valley and has bene recognized accordingly. Valei is disrupting multiple industries and is considered the organic growth solution for several fast growing multi billion dollar industries. Facts that haven’t gone unnoticed as Valei continues with double digit growth.

3. Competitive Pricing – Residential service offering rates are competitive with national average across the board. Enjoy our first-class expertise at a competitive rate.

Valei has taken this a step further with their award winning Housekeeping Service and offering users of the Valei app innovative estimate pricing options right from the app. Select the number of bedrooms, what type of service you are looking for etc. in your home and the Valei App can provide you with a estimated cost for your services. This level of service choices combined with innovative technology, transparency and organization makes Valei the 1st choice for residential services here in the Coachella Valley.

4. Personal Estate Manager – Key to Valei’s high-end service offering is your very own Personal Estate Manager that provides professional oversight to maintain the highest quality service offerings.

How often have you downloaded a service app only to find that you are dealing with some computer and when you do try and speak to a person who end up chatting with someone on the other side of the planet who has zero idea of who you are and what’s important to you and your home? All the time right? With Valei every homeowner clients gets assigned their own personalized Estate Manager to oversee the delivery and services and who is on hand to answer questions, share with you upcoming specials on pricing and ensure you and your home are getting only the very best custom service experience every time. That’s just one of so many reasons why Valei stands out from the crowd.

5. Service Guarantee – Valei stands behind their vendors and services and ensures you receive the very best quality of service for each of our service offerings.

Valei is #1 and they can prove it. Valei stands behind every service offering with their Service Guarantee. Their vendors are all the very best. To become a Valei vendor you must pass not only background checks but you must also be able to consistently deliver customer service to Valei’s high standards. Starting this winter Valei is launching a series of vendor training programs working to ensure each Valei vendor has the tools to meet and exceed Valei’s high quality service standards.

6. 24 / 7 Support – The exclusive Valei App provides clients the ability to contact us with service requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Valei App provides homeowners with the ability to contact Valei at any time of the day and night with service requests. As former luxury hoteliers and private service experts the Valei team understand that not everything happens during normal business hours and they stand ready at any time to assist the homeowner clients with service requests. This is another of so many reasons that instantly differentiates Valei from any and all competition.

You can download the app HERE or find the download link on our site at valeiapp.com.

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