Science of Persuasion

The Science of Persuasion


Developing and then maintaining a successful and consistent sales and marketing program requires constant focus and attention.

If you can’t sell then you aren’t in business right?

Here are six awesome focus points to help you get the very best success out of every single sales pitch to every single customer that we discovered while researching the science behind persuasion.

  • Reciprocate – give something and they will return the favor. For example Introduce a vendor of yours to a client and they will do the same for you. Important to be the first to give though. Make each introduction personalized and unexpected. This way to looks organic and natural. Nothing worse than to come across as trying to control the situation. Better to be perceived as taking the high road and looking strong.
  • Scarcity – Point out what the benefits are for choosing for product or service to a client when marketing to them. What’s unique about your business and what they stand to lose if they don’t sign up for your services? People want more of those things they can have less of. It is a fundamental part of the human psyche that helps us navigate our way through life.
  • Authority – People will follow the lead of a credible, knowledgeable expert. Important for us to signal to your clients what makes your business a credible, knowledgeable authority before you make our marketing sales pitch. For example: We ask our clients if they are looking for great housekeeping? They always answer in the affirmative. We then tell them that we are going to introduce them to Adriana or any one of our incredible team who has 10 + years of housekeeping experience working in high-end homes here in the Coachella Valley. This instantly sets us up as a credible, knowledgeable expert in our field. Another great idea is to encourage your current clients to introduce you to potential clients by introducing you as the right experts and the right professionals to engage with.
  • Commitments – Always be looking for and asking for commitments that can be made. Look for voluntary, active and public commitments in writing if you can. Sometimes offering your clients an incentive to make a consistent commitment is a great idea. If you can again get them to put this into writing. Consistent ongoing business is frankly how you’re going to build a solid base of revenue for your business.
  • Liking – People like people who are similar to them. Again this is a human psyche thing. People like people who pay them compliments and who cooperate with them. Before talking business with someone look for and discuss similarities. Make genuine compliments before getting down to business. This will go a long way to creating a positive and professional pro relationship with your clients.
  • Consensus – People will look to the actions of others to determine their own. People assume that if many others are ok with your business and the services etc. you are offering then this should be more than fine for them also. Be sure to point out what other similar clients are doing. Be specific also. Prospective clients will then want to be consistent and emulate accordingly.

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